Global Manufacturing Market Tracker - Q4 2012

Holiday Shut-Downs, Inventory Reductions, and Consumer Spending are Key to Recovery in 2013

Global Manufacturing Market Tracker  |  November 12, 2012  | Subscribers Only

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Integrated device manufacturers have maintained that although they do not manufacture leading edge CMOS technology they remain as key providers of technology used in all electrical systems. The key issue emerging is how long will that statement actually be true? Memory IDMs continue to consoilidate as costs escalate and the demand for technology transitions from DRAM to NAND. At the other edge of the technology spectrum Discrete suppliers are experiencing a similar technology migration as MOSFets migrate to IGBTs. 

Key Issues Addressed

  • How will the technology transitions affect Analog companies?
  • Will Tablets driven by CMOS processors displace PC’s driven by microprocessors?
  • Will the semiconductor industry continue to transition to a fabless manufacturing model or will the IDMs expand their manufacturing expertise and recapturing design of end market components?
  • Are large mega manufacturing companies good for the semiconductor industry or is innovation better served through small entrepreneurial design companies?

Applicable To

  • Purchasing: Strategic Manufacturing Analysts, Procurement Managers
  • Supplier/Distributors: Procurement Managers, Suppliers of chemicals and consumables (silicon, chemicals)
  • Other: Sales Managers, CEOs

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