Storage Space Market Brief

November 06, 2012  | Subscribers Only

Fang Zhang Fang Zhang Analyst, Memory & Storage
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Storage Space Market  takes a look at HDD manufacturers’ unit shipment history by applications, average HDD capacity, and total capacity shipped and provides forecasts going forward.
Applicable To
  • PC System Buyers and PC/Enterprise Companies: Procurement
  • Storage Semiconductor Manufacturers and Storage Distributors
  • Storage Manufacturers: Business Development, Strategic Marketing
  • Focus: Includes market snapshots of the HDD, ODD, and SSD sectors, up-to-date coverage of current dynamics, and capsule previews of interesting technologies and products developments
  • Storage Updates: Monthly update of the latest storage news and analysis
  • Bi-Monthly Updates
  • Measures: Storage Average OEM Pricing, Storage Industry Financial Index, Storage Market Momentum Indicator, Storage Inventory/Sales Ratio

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Fang Zhang

Analyst, Memory & Storage

Fang Zhang is responsible for research in areas such as Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Optical Disk Drives (ODDs) as well as Storage Area Networks (SAN)...