Global Silicon Forecast Market Tracker

November 05, 2012  | Subscribers Only

Len Jelinek Len Jelinek Senior Director, Semiconductor Manufacturing
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The goal of the Global Silicon Forecast Market Tracker is to provide a long-term view of silicon demand by both technology and wafer size for silicon manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs) and foundries.

The methodology used in developing these silicon forecasts is based on IHS long-term revenue forecasting. IHS has created a mathematical model that converts revenue by technology to square inches of silicon by technology. A partial output of this tool is provided in the excel database that accompanies this report.

Key Issues Addressed

  • What are the concerns of silicon suppliers as they prepare for 2011 and beyond?
  • What is the total silicon demand for the industry?
  • What is the silicon demand by technology and wafer size?

Applicable To

  • Purchasing: Strategic Manufacturing Analysts, Procurement Managers
  • Supplier/Distributors: Procurement Managers, Suppliers of chemicals and consumables (silicon, chemicals)
  • Other: Sales Managers, CEOs

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Len Jelinek

Senior Director, Semiconductor Manufacturing

Len Jelinek has focused his research on capacity management and technology transitions within the semiconductor industry. He works with clients to access individual corporate strategies that may be impacted by additional wafer manufacturing capacity in China as well as other global locations.