PV Inverter Customer Opinions & Requirements Survey - 2012

December 15, 2011  | Subscribers Only

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IMS Research has been researching the global PV inverter industry for more than 5 years and is now largely regarded as the leading source of high-quality market intelligence for this sector. It has now produced its first survey of PV inverter buyers, compiled between September and December 2011. This survey was conducted after requests from PV inverter suppliers to gain a further insight into the decision making process of their customer base. The survey was created following intensive consultation with PV inverter suppliers and includes many of their suggested questions along with IMS Research’s own selection of questions.


The report is based on data from over 400 respondents based in multiple geographical regions. Over 50 questions were analysed in the survey and cover a variety of topics. The seven topics included were:

  • Brand
  • Inverter choice
  • Product features
  • Microinverters & power optimisers
  • Future requirements
  • Service & warranty
  • Inverter pricing


Questions were analysed by company type for the following:

  • Installers
  • Wholesalers/distributors,
  • Integrators/EPC/PPA
  • Other types.


Some of the key questions to be answered by the survey are:

  • What are the key factors that affect the customer’s choice of supplier?
  • How much are customers willing to pay for advanced features?
  • What product features are desirable when purchasing an inverter?
  • What are the warranty & service requirements of customers in each region and customer segment?
  • What are the future technical trends of PV inverters that need to be addressed?
  • How interested are customers in microinverters and power optimisers?
  • What are customers’ opinions of low-cost Chinese inverters?



Page Count: 188(including 63 tables and 82 figures)

Deliverable: PDF file by e-mail


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Solar Supply Chain