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Broadmedia launches digital cinema delivery network in Japan

August 06, 2012

David Hancock David Hancock Director – Research and Analysis, Cinema & Home Entertainment, IHS Markit

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Japanese digital cinema and network services group Broadmedia is building a broadband-based movie delivery network into Japanese cinemas, having connected 80 cinemas so far and with a target of around 500 screens within major circuits. Broadmedia is essentially a network and broadcasting company, founded in 1996. The business is broken down broadly into Content services, Broadcasting Services, and Network Sales. Movie distribution infrastructure and management comes under Content Services.  Broadmedia is one of the shareholders in Digital Cinema Club, offering digital cinema rollout services to Japanese exhibitors since 2010. In April 2012, Broadmedia raised its stake in Digital Cinema Club. In March 2010, European digital cinema services company Arts Alliance Media entered in to a strategic partnership with Broadmedia including providing its Theatre Management System (TMS). Signiant is a US company specialising in file movement software, and is represented in Japan by media and entertainment digital content workflow company Photron.

One of the main issues with a broadband movie delivery system is the file size of a DCP, (DCP is the finished file for delivery to cinemas) which are around 150-200GB for a 2K 2D movie at 24fps, but this can triple when 4K, 3D and high frame rates are included into the possible versions that cinemas will need. Broadmedia point out that delivering such a file over a 50Mbps Internet network can take 12 hours for one film. As broadband is a point-to-point system, each file needs to be sent separately (unlike satellite which is a point-to-multipoint system). Assuming a multi-screen cinema screens between 10 and 20 films a week, and several hundred cinemas are connected to the network, this could take far more time than the network provider has available. To solve this Broadmedia has chosen Signiant's file movement software, including Managers+Agents to accelerate the file transfer process and to prioritise and manage bandwidth allocation.

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