Teardown Analysis - Apple TV (3rd Generation) MD199LL/A

Apple TV (3rd Generation) MD199LL/A Hardware Analysis

May 17, 2012  | Subscribers Only

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Apple TV represents Steve Job's insistence to keep a toehold in the TV market while Apple tries(ied) to 'crack the code' on TV market penetration, and figure out the best strategy to take over media in the home. The $99 box in a palm-sized envelope gets a processor upgrade, while maintaining the same aesthetic and price point. But still consumers have yet to understand this 'over the top TV' market, and as a result so few units are sold worldwide. This seems like a marginally profitable product for Apple that represents more a beta test for the 'real game' (a television set of Apple's design) that everyone seems to believe is forthcoming...

Key Issues Addressed
  • How competitive are our designs from a technical perspective?
  • Where does our competition stand in terms of design sophistication?
  • Are our costs in line with those of our competitors?
  • How much does it cost our competitors to add certain product features?
  • How can we better position and differentiate our products?
  • What new or evolving solutions could we use in future designs that will increase performance and save money?
Applicable To
  • OEMs
    • Market Research Managers
    • Product Marketing Managers
    • Design / Technical Managers
    • Purchasing Management
  • Component Manufacturers
    • Product Marketing Managers
    • Market Research Managers
  • Service Providers
    • Purchasing Management
  • Summary Analysis
    • Commentary for Specific Assembly Levels
    • Component Cost Tables and Graphical Representation
    • Downloadable BOM Files
  • Photo Analysis¬†¬†
    • Block Diagrams / Functional Analysis
    • IC - Die Photos and Markings
    • Major Components
    • Sub-Assemblies

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