State of the US pay TV operator market: Q4 trends point to importance of ARPU growth going forward

April 17, 2012  | Subscribers Only

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Pay TV households are expected to remain flat. IHS Screen Digest expects that subscribers will continue enjoy the simplicity of linear video. The perceived threat from OTT is overblown, significant amounts of pay TV subscribers have not defected to OTT.

Tables and charts included:

  • Savings after monthly expenditures by income bracket ($);Quarterly Subscriber Adds by Pipeline;US pay-TV Composition 2011;Pay-TV video revenue by Pipeline ($m);TWC Revenue Mix ($000);Cable quarterly subscriber adds (000);Cable Revenue by source ($m);Cable RGUs (m);Comcast quarterly subscriber adds (000);Comcast Revenue ($m);Comcast RGUs (m);TWC quarterlys subscriber adds (000);8TWC Revenue ($m);TWC RGUs (m);Size matters in the cable TV business;Satellite Subscribers;Satellite Video Revenue ($m);DirecTV Subscribers;DirecTV Video Revenue;IPTV Subscribers;IPTV Revenue ($m);Verizon Subscribers;Verizon Video Revenue ($m);AT&T Subscribers;AT&T Video Revenue ($m);Carriage Fees and ARPU vs Inflation (per cent);Subscriber and ARPU Outlook

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Harold Vargas

Senior Analyst, Television Media

Harold Vargas is a member of the US media team that is responsible for coverage of U.S. pay-TV operators and television content owning media conglomerates.

Erik Brannon

Associate Director – Research and Analysis, Service Providers & Platforms

Mr. Erik Brannon, the associate director of research and analysis at IHS Markit, specializes in pay-TV operators and channels.

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