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3 UK launches non-stop music

December 05, 2007

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In partnership with Ericsson, 3 UK is offering a 24-hour music service for £0.49 a day. Eight streams of music will be offered as part of the service covering different genres including classical, dance, rock and pop. Each channel is on a four hour loop and will be updated weekly. Users can switch between channels as often as they like in the subscription period.

3 is the most successful UK operator in terms of mobile music accounting for approximately 75 per cent of the UK market. A music streaming service is an ideal way for mobile users to listen to a wide range of music without having to download to the device. 3 are marketing the service as a music service rather than a radio service in response to Vodafone's launch of Omnifone's Music Station, an all-you-can-eat music download service.

3 UK
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