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Mobile television developments round-up

November 05, 2008

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  • France: Although DVB-H licences were awarded by the CSA in May 2008, mobile operators and content providers struggle to agree on the business models and level of financial commitment that each party must procure. As a result the network deployment has been put on hold and Screen Digest does not expect DVB-H to be commercially available in France before second half 2009.
  • Germany: German DVB-H licensee Mobile 3.0 handed back its licence to local regulators after it failed to meet the licence requirements. It is not sure when a new licence will be issued. Meanwhile DVB-T carries on its success with LG planning to launch another handset model before Christmas.
  • Poland: Local telecommunications regulator UKE has launched a call for DVB-H tender. Applicants have until 15 January 2009 to submit their proposals. The tender will be for an 8 MHz chunk of spectrum in the UHF band (470-790 MHz). Under the terms of the licence, the DVB-H mobile broadcast service will have to operate in 31 cities until June 2015 when it will be made available nationwide. At least two thirds of the spectrum capacity must be used for mobile TV, leaving room for a minimum of 10 radio channels.
  • Switzerland: Swisscom Broadcast launched its DVB-H platform in June 2008 and has only added 5,000 subscribers so far, described as disappointing. Screen Digest believes that the high price-tag (around Euro 10 a month), the lack of mobile operator deals besides Swisscom Mobile and the poor DVB-H handset availability are the main reasons for the poor uptake.
  • USA: The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is setting-up a new Special Interest Group for the mobile digital television standard ATSC M/H (ie, mobile/handheld). The CEA group will educate the consumer electronics industry on the technology and foster relationships with local TV stations planning to launch ATSC M/H during 2009.

Screen Digest mobile TV forecasts have been updated in order to take into account the impact of these new developments on the mobile TV market.

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