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Apple iOS 4.3 Release Promises a More Connected Living Room

March 09, 2011

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Today Apple released an update to its iOS operating system. The new iOS (version 4.3) promises several key incremental improvements to the operating system that powers much of the Apple universe (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and AppleTV). One of the more interesting features being unleashed in this update is the improved interoperability of portable products (iPhones, iPads, etc) with AppleTV. The ability to push content from an iPhone or iPad to an AppleTV has been a feature of AppleTV since its launch – but the feature was limited to just a few Apple applications. With iOS 4.3 Apple has opened this feature set up to all apps. The result is a vastly more connected living room (for those people that own both a portable Apple device and an AppleTV…a list that will grow even longer when the iPad2 starts selling on March 11th. When it comes to the living room, more connected is better. The Apple-powered living room now lets you surf for videos on your iPad and then seamlessly watch them on your TV. Your TV and iPad just got even more powerful and this can only point to even stronger tablet sales. When the tablet and the TV play nicely together everyone wins – especially tablet makers.

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