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New iPad Launches...But Memory Specs are Still a Mystery

March 02, 2011

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Apple launched its new iPad today amidst much fanfare and fan jubilation but it was decidedly quiet about much of the inner workings of its new wunderpad. RIM, HP and Motorola have recently announced tablets that boost DRAM content to a generous 1GB but speculation about the new iPad pins its DRAM content at a meager 512MB. This would certainly effect 2011 tablet DRAM consumption as IHS-iSuppli forecasts that Apple will continue to dominate the tablet field. But the strategy to boost the processor (the new A5 boasts dual cores and faster speeds) while merely incrementing the DRAM content makes sense – Apple owns the processor IP so leaning on the processor to deliver compute performance is playing to its strengths. Meanwhile, 4Gb mobile DRAM (the anticipated memory content of the new iPad) is a sweet spot density while 8Gb is a bit more exotic (and thereby more expensive on a per Gb basis). We’ll have to wait a few weeks for the iSuppli teardown team to clear up the memory confusion but the smart bet is that Apple is letting its A5 do the heavy lifting for now.

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