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TI's OMAP5 Points to Massive Mobile DRAM Growth

February 08, 2011

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Yesterday Texas Instruments (TI) announced its next-generation applications processor (AP) – the OMAP5. The hardware specs for this new AP are truly mind blowing. The OMAP5 will have 4 cores (two Cortex-A15 cores and two Cortex-M4 cores) that will scream along at 2GHz. But things are even more impressive from a DRAM perspective. The OMAP5 will support up to 8GB of DRAM. That’s right…8GB! The OMAP5 will support two slots of DRAM and, most importantly will support both LPDDR2 and DDR3 (both regular voltage and reduced voltage DDR3).

This is a huge leap forward for DRAM and will accelerate the arrival of smartphones that have nearly identical performance specs to laptops and desktops. Although the OMAP5 won’t launch until 2012 and it is unlikely that we will see any 8GB phones next year, the fact that it is being designed with such a high memory ceiling points to where mobile platforms are going. Indications are that NVIDIA will announce its Tegra 3 product at this year’s Mobile World Congress...expect similar memory ceilings for its product too.

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