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Publishers Seek Cross-Platform Synergy

October 07, 2010

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Microsoft has released a mobile spin-off of its forthcoming Xbox 360 title Fable 3, for Android and iPhone, with a Windows 7 iteration arriving in December. Subtitled Kingmaker, it's available for free, and allows players to generate virtual currency that can be imported into the Xbox 360 game.

Ubisoft, too, has unveiled its intention to begin tying together its biggest franchises by, implementing connectivity between Assassin's Creed, Petz and The Settlers on their respective platforms. For example, users playing Assassin's Creed on Facebook can unlock exclusive items for use within their PC/console counterparts.

The cross-platform approach to brand engagement is still in its infancy, especially with regards to social media and mobile. It's been attempted so far via such releases as EA's Dante's Inferno and Atari's Champions Online, with only fleeting success. But as implementation, cross-platform parity and user experience mature, such synergy will become an increasingly important aspect of the gaming ecosystem.

This importance has been acknowledged by Microsoft's change of approach regarding spin-offs for its Fable franchise. Fable II, released two years ago, was preceded by an Xbox Live Arcade title, Fable: Pub Games, which allowed players to unlock items for use in the full retail release. The difference between this and Kingmaker is that Pub Games cost $10.00, meaning Microsoft is now willing to eschew such revenue in return for gaining a connective foothold on the wider gaming activities of Xbox 360 owners.

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