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Panasonic Extends Avatar 3D Bundle Deal

May 19, 2011

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Panasonic has extended its exclusive promotional tie-in with US studio Fox, bundling the Blu-ray Disc 3D (BD3D) version of landmark title Avatar with a broader selection of Panasonic hardware. Since 1 March 2011 the title has been available to purchasers of BD3D players and 3D home theatre systems in the US and other key international territories. The promotion is scheduled to continue until February 2012.

The BD3D version of Avatar has yet to become available at retail outside these Panasonic bundles.  The promotion, which began in Q4 2010, was initially centred around the purchase of Panasonic's top-of-the-range 3D plasma HDTVs. The extended deal broadens availability to BD3D players, a far more affordable investment for consumers.

All Panasonic's latest BD player models are BD3D-compliant, meaning that the number of Avatar BD3D discs entering consumers' homes is likely to increase dramatically as a result of this move. While many new BD3D players will not initially be connected to a 3D-enabled TV the discs will help serve as a 'Trojan Horse' establishing the presence of 3D content in the home. The strength of Avatar, by far the most successful 3D movie to date, may prove the tipping point for some consumers to invest in 3D display technology.  Even in homes where the draw of Avatar in 3D is not sufficient to prompt the purchase of a 3DTV the film will serve to supplement any future 3D purchase broadening the choice of 3D immediately available in the home.

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