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New 2010 Exchange Rates - All 2010 US$ and Euro Values and Forecasts Affected

February 11, 2011

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  • All 2010 US dollar exchange rates and W Europe Euro exchange rates updated
  • Substantial impact on 2010 $ growth rates in several key markets (but no impact on local currency values)

IHS Screen Digest has updated its US dollar and euro exchange rate tables with data for 2010. Our dollar exchange rates for key currencies are based on daily noon buying rate averages for cable transfers in New York City certified for customs purposes by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Where this data is not available they reflect annual averages from, which is also the source of Euro exchange rates.

Since all IHS Screen Digest video research and forecasting is conducted in local currency, this adjustment has no impact on the local currency value of any market. However, the revisions will affect the following data:

  • Data based on variable exchange rates: Since our forecasting methodology uses exchange rates fixed at the latest available annual average, all 2010/2009 growth rates in US$ and euros and all future market values in these currencies in territories where they are not the local currency will be affected. Subscribers should note that forecast growth rates in these currencies for 2011 and beyond are not affected.
  • Data based on fixed exchange rates: These tables are now all based on the new 2010 rates. Growth rates will be unaffected but dollar values for all markets outside the US and euro values for those outside the Euro Zone have all changed to reflect the new base rate.

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