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Revision to Underlying HDTV HH Data Prompts Changes in Video Data

January 13, 2011

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IHS Screen Digest's TV Technology team has updated its forecast methodology for HDTV household penetration worldwide, improving the robustness of both its forecasts and historical data. The net effect of these adjustments has been to slighty reduce the size of the installed base of HDTV sets in almost every territory.

Owing to the interrelated nature of IHS Screen Digest's forecast models, this revision has directly affected the Video team's forecasts for Blu-ray Disc (BD) enabled households in each territory, which in turn affects our forecasts of BD software sales.

Since our historic BD household figures are based on market feedback, the changes do not affect this data. However subscribers should note that as a result of the revisions, our forecasts for BD player numbers have also been reduced slightly in almost all territories, though in most cases the reduction is less than that in forecast HDTV HHs, effectively increasing BD's penetration of HDTV HHs.

These changes have also cascaded through the IHS Screen Digest video software forecasts, leading to slight adjustments in both BD and DVD retail and rental software forecasts in all territories. All these changes have been thoroughly sense-checked by the Video team and none of them change the overall forecast trends previously stated by IHS Screen Digest. However, they have prompted almost all data tables across the video service to be marked as updated.

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