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PlayStation Minis Hit 1M Downloads

July 19, 2010

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Sony has revealed that its Minis service, offering small titles for PSP and PS3 that typically cost less than $10, has achieved 1m downloads worldwide since the launch of the channel in Q4 2009. The Minis catalogue is now composed of almost 100 titles, and the top three performers in terms of download activity have been Age of Zombies, Monopoly and Fieldrunners.

Given that Minis titles don't offer demo versions, download volume may appear to be a better indicator of sales figures than the equivalent measure for, say, Xbox Live Arcade. It's not, however, made clear if this download tally is double-counted, as a customer who purchases a Mini title can download the content to both PS3 and PSP.

A clear driver of interest in Minis has been Sony's official European and US blogs, which have provided a steady stream of promotional content for Minis, in the form of developer-penned updates and interviews. This push has doubtless been an important part of the Minis campaign, allowing users to connect directly to game-makers on a more open platform than the PlayStation Network itself, and emphasises the more direct-to-consumer role that first-party publishers can take via social media channels.

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