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Digital Cinema Screens Rise 121.8 Percent in 2010

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IHS Screen Digest research has been finalized for the total global digital screens and 3-D screens in 2010 and has been updated in terms of forecasted growth through 2015.

The total number of digital screens worldwide was 36,242 in 2010, up from 16,339 at the end of 2009, a growth rate of 121.8 percent. There were 10,083 digital screens in Europe, marking 28.2 percent of the global figure; 16,522 in North America, accounting for 46.2 percent of the worldwide total; and 7,703 in Asia, representing 21.6 percent of the global figure.

A total of 21,936 3-D screens existed in 2010, equaling 60.5 percent of all digital screens. This is a rise from the 55 percent in 2009, but it is expected to drop slightly in 2011 to 57.5 percent. The growth in 3-D screens outstrips the total growth, standing at 144.3 percent over the year. Europe makes up 34.3 percent of all digital 3-D screens, while North America accounts for 38.6 percent and Asia 21.2 percent.

Total digital screens are forecast to exceed 100,000 by 2015, of which 41.7 percent will be 3-D equipped. By that year, IHS Screen Digest research forecasts that total convertible screens—i.e., modern screens—will stand at 127,000, up from an estimated 113,700 at the end of 2010.

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