Pure Play Foundry Market Tracker - Q1 2012

Improved Economic Conditions May Jump-Start Foundry Manufacturers

Pure Play Foundry Market Tracker  |  March 29, 2012  | Subscribers Only

Len Jelinek Len Jelinek Vice President, Semiconductor Manufacturing

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The IHS Pure Play Foundry Market Tracker will provide the latest information on strategies and partnerships of the key players within the industry while providing opinions for manufacturers to consider.

Key Issues Addressed

  • Where will fabless companies and IDM’s find available capacity in the appropriate technology to meet their demands?
  • What mergers or acquisitions are taking place in the foundry market, and how will they affect the suppliers as well as foundry users?
  • How should companies view the Chinese foundry suppliers?
  • What are the strategies for the key second tier foundries, and how can a small fabless company choose the right partner?
  • What are the expansion plans for the pure play foundry companies? Will there be sufficient capacity to meet global demands?

Applicable To

  • Purchasing: Strategic manufacturing analysts, Procurement managers
  • Supplier/Distributors: Procurement managers, Suppliers of chemicals and consumables (silicon, chemicals)
  • Other: Sales managers, CEOs

Len Jelinek

Vice President, Semiconductor Manufacturing

Len Jelinek has focused his research on capacity management and technology transitions within the semiconductor industry. He works with clients to access individual corporate strategies that...

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