US media spending dwarfs Europe's outlay

July 20, 2011  | Subscribers Only

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US consumers spent $134bn on entertainment in 2010, almost two-thirds more than their West European counterparts. The biggest reason for this difference is spending on pay TV services: US consumers spent over $80bn on pay TV subscriptions alone in 2010 - more than the combined entertainment outlay of the whole of Western Europe. This report examines how Europe's strong public sector broadcasting tradition reinforces this discrepancy and assesses entertainment spending in the two regions after controlling for the differences in the pay TV subscription market.

Tables and charts included:

  • Consumer spending on entertainment 2001-2010: USA;Consumer spending on entertainment 2001-2010: Western Europe;Consumer spending ex cable/satellite TV: 2001-2010: USA;Consumer spending ex cable/satellite TV: 2001-2010: Western Europe;Consumer spending gap 2010: USA v. Western Europe

Pages: 6

Tables and charts: 7

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