Life in 3D: BD3D's first year of sales

July 06, 2011  | Subscribers Only

Jan Saxton Senior Analyst, Film Entertainment

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3D video on Blu-ray Discs (BD3D) in 2010 sold over half a million units to consumers following its mid-year launch at retail on June 22. Now that BD3D has completed its first full year of retail sales, IHS Screen Digest estimates the format has sold a total of 1.75m units to date, not including those that were bundled with various hardware packages. So far in 2011 US consumers have bought 1.2m units. For comparison, in Blu-ray Disc's (BD) first year on the market the format sold just 363,000 units, although BD sales ramped up faster than we're likely to see with BD3D, as the relatively limited amount of 3D product will mean fewer titles coming to market.

Tables and charts included:

  • Number of titles released each year: BD3D vs. BD; Top Five BD3D Titles: Inception-to-date retail sales; BD3D vs. Blu-ray Households: First Two Years

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Jan Saxton

Senior Analyst, Film Entertainment

A veteran of some 14 years with AMR, Jan is vice president of AMR's publication division, overseeing the development and production of AMR's industry reports and monthly newsletter. As senior analyst she is responsible for the research and analysis for AMR's exclusive Titles Database...

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