Social Network Gaming Q1 2011 Market Monitor

May 16, 2011  | Subscribers Only

Steve Bailey Steve Bailey Senior Analyst, Games

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Despite the record-breaking activity resulting from the release of Zynga's CityVille on Facebook in December 2010, the leading social network has seen its gaming userbase swiftly settle back into the mature groove heralded in the second half of last year. One record left untouched by CityVille's immense touchdown is that of average engagement of the top games, which stubbornly holds firm.

Tables and charts included:

  • Monthly active users of Facebook games, Oct 10-Mar 11;Engagement values for Top 40 Facebook games, Jan-Mar 11;Zynga portfolio details, Q1 11;MAUs and engagement for Zynga's Facebook games;Disney Playdom portfolio details, Q1 11;MAUs and engagement for Disney Playdom's Facebook games;Electronic Arts portfolio details, Q1 11;MAUs and engagement for Electronic Arts' Facebook games;Ubisoft, Facebook portfolio MAUs;Other traditional companies, Facebook MAUs;Funding and acquisition activity;Gaming MAUs on other PC social network, Mar 11;Top games on other network, Mar 11;Bejeweled Blitz, MAUs and engagement history;Ravenwood Fair, MAUs and engagement history;Millionaire City, MAUs and engagement history

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Tables and charts: 16

Steve Bailey

Senior Analyst, Games

Steve Bailey joined the IHS games department in 2008, specializing in the burgeoning online PC gaming market ever since. His work for games encompasses MMOGs, virtual worlds...

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