Alternative Content in Cinemas

March 22, 2011  | Subscribers Only

David Hancock David Hancock Director, Cinema

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Alternative Content in cinemas is a small but growing presence in the world's cinema screens, as digitisation of the global screen estate progresses in 2010 and 2011. Content is being driven by the highly visible success of a range of cultural 'crown jewels', at the top of which is New York's Met Opera. This report establishes sector revenues, genre breakdowns, the main providers, key parameters for successful content, digital and 3D screen counts, and the role of 3D.

Tables and charts included:

  • Development of Alternative Content genres in US cinemas;US Alternative Content genres in 2010;By the Numbers: Met Opera: Live in HD;Average revenues per US AC event;Live vs Recorded split;US AC revenues as a proportion of global total;US Alternative Content Revenues in $m;Global Alternative Content Revenues in $m;Drivers and positioning of Alternative Content in cinemas;NCM Fathom revenues in $m;NCM Fathom quarterly revenues in $m;Contribution of NCM Fathom to NCM revenues in %;Alternative Content Events in USA, by primary provider;Worldwide development of digital compared to 35mm screens;Alternative Content Events in USA, by year;Global 3D screens as a proportion of all d-screens

Pages: 19

Tables and charts: 16

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David Hancock

Director, Cinema

David is a senior expert on the global film and cinema sectors. He is the head of the Film and Cinema department with IHS and has overseen its development in this area since 1997. This includes...

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