Wireless Communications Report - Mobilized Devices - 2011

Mobile Broadband Powering Up With Tablets

June 16, 2011  | Subscribers Only

Francis Sideco Francis Sideco Senior Director, Telecommunications

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If mobile broadband (as a market segment) were a video game hero, then media tablets would be the “power-up” that enables a higher level of capability and strength. While tablets are doing their fair share of driving volumes for mobile broadband devices (such as USB dongles, mobile hotspots, and embedded modules and chipsets), this is in reality only a fraction of its actual impact on the industry. Affecting everything from supply ecosystems to chipset design to services...

Francis Sideco

Senior Director, Telecommunications

Francis Sideco is a Senior Director with the IHS research and analysis organization and is responsible for leading the IHS analyst teams covering wireless and wired/broadband...

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