Automotive Research Q4 2010 Market Brief - Internet in the Car

Internet: A New Driving Force for Auto Content

January 25, 2011  | Subscribers Only

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The expression “Internet-on-wheels” has been around for nearly a decade. Used during the Internet bubble years, the term indicated that Internet usage in the car was just around the corner. However, the question that has now become more important is: How will the Internet be used in the car...

Egil Juliussen, PhD

Director & Analyst, Automotive Technology

Egil Juliussen has more than 30 years experience in the computer, communications, Internet and telematics industries. He has extensive experience in technology forecasting...

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Anna Buettner

Manager, Automotive Technology

Anna Buettner is a Manager in the Automotive Technology Practice of IHS Automotive. She manages a group of Senior Analysts from US, Europe and China as well as database products...

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