Broadband & Digitally-Connected Home Q4 2010 Topical Report - Residential Gateway

Residential Gateways: Telco's Key to Entering the Home

December 10, 2010  | Subscribers Only

Lee Ratliff Lee Ratliff Principal Analyst, Connectivity & IoT

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Over the past decade, telephone companies have morphed from pure-voice communications providers, to full-service information and entertainment providers offering a triple-play package of voice, data, and video. At the same time, broadband CPE has evolved from simple modem bridges to complex gateways with built-in LAN switching, routing, Voice over IP (VoIP), Quality of Service (QoS), 100+ Mbps throughput, wireless access point, wireline home LAN, remote management, and...

Lee Ratliff

Principal Analyst, Connectivity & IoT

Lee Ratliff is a connectivity and communications analyst responsible for directing IHS coverage of low-power wireless, broadband, and home networking semiconductors and technologies...

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