Teardown Analysis - Amazon Kindle 2 Wireless eBook Reader

Kindle Teardown is on Fire

April 01, 2009  | Subscribers Only

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Electronic books (ebooks) are one of the ‘it’ areas in the electronic gadget domain, and have been a hot topic, though, probably not the hottest product in terms of real volume sales and revenue generation. The jury is out on how well these devices will do in the short-run. From a hardware perspective, the Amazon Kindle 2 has more of an Apple iPhone look and feel, as in very thin and sleek...

Key Issues Addressed
  • How competitive are our designs from a technical perspective?
  • Where does our competition stand in terms of design sophistication?
  • Are our costs in line with those of our competitors?
  • How much does it cost our competitors to add certain product features?
  • How can we better position and differentiate our products?
  • What new or evolving solutions could we use in future designs that will increase performance and save money?
Applicable To
  • OEMs
    • Market Research Managers
    • Product Marketing Managers
    • Design / Technical Managers
    • Purchasing Management
  • Component Manufacturers
    • Product Marketing Managers
    • Market Research Managers
  • Service Providers
    • Purchasing Management
  • Summary Analysis
    • Commentary for Specific Assembly Levels
    • Component Cost Tables and Graphical Representation
    • Downloadable BOM Files
  • Photo Analysis  
    • Block Diagrams / Functional Analysis
    • IC - Die Photos and Markings
    • Major Components
    • Sub-Assemblies

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