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IHS Automotive Hybrid-EV Portal

The IHS Automotive Hybrid-EV portal is purposefully designed to provide in-depth, real-time information on all facets of the e-mobility market. The portal contains global and regional forecasts for vehicle production, systems, components, and infrastructure; a specification database outlining the key features of electric vehicles (and who supplies them); a legislation/incentive database; and daily news service.Subscribers Only

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Editorial - 3-D printing: ‘Disrupts manufacturing status quo’

With Local Motors printing electric car Strati, featuring less than 50 parts, in just 44 hours, new possibilities in manufacturing have emerged that offer freedom in design and customization.

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News - Cadillac offers complimentary 240V home charger to early ELR buyers in Canada

Deal treads on lines similar to US offer

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News - California University testing ways to make battery module recharge possible

Looking for sponsors to carry out real-life trips

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News - China plans to release new EV standards

Standards are expected to be of international level

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News - Dongfeng launches electric bus charging network

In partnership with China-based ZTE

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News - GM develops lithium-sulfur cathode material to improve cycling stability, Columbic efficiency

Paper published in ACS Nano Letters on 26 August 2014

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News - Heavy truck EV maker Boulder Electric Vehicle has closed—reports

Will service the vehicles that are currently in use

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News - Magna supplies two industry-first systems to BMW i8

SmartLatch provides safety, weight reduction

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News - NRG eVgo, US city of Hermosa Beach team up for EV infrastructure

New charging station features SAE Combo, CHAdeMO DC fast chargers

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News - Panasonic sees association with Tesla boosting demand from European OEMs—report

Company optimistic about increased demand for optical lenses, sensors for cars

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