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The IHS Automotive Hybrid-EV portal is purposefully designed to provide in-depth, real-time information on all facets of the e-mobility market. The portal contains global and regional forecasts for vehicle production, systems, components, and infrastructure; a specification database outlining the key features of electric vehicles (and who supplies them); a legislation/incentive database; and daily news service.Subscribers Only

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News - Automakers reaching CO2 emissions goals ahead of deadline, says EU body

EU to launch new testing regulations to bridge gaps between actual and reported emissions data

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News - BASF, Toda Kogyo agree to form cathode active materials JV in Japan

Plant to begin operations by February 2015

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News - Efficient Drivetrains to open global innovation centre in California

Efficient Drivetrains to open global innovation centre in California

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News - Hangzhou becomes second city to issue free licence plates to Tesla buyers in China after Shanghai Total of 400 owners receive free plates in Shanghai

License plate can cost up to USD12,000

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News - Hyundai Mobis develops BMS to prevent overcharging, unauthorised discharging of EV battery cells

BMS eliminates wiring, reduces high voltage links to four in battery pack

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News - Interaction of high-rate, low-temperature cycling increases safety hazard for li-ion batteries, says ZSW study

Strong influence of ‘aging history on safety behaviour’

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News - Range Rover EV under consideration – report

EV likely to have Range Rover’s aluminium architecture, Jaguar CX-17 concept’s suspension

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News - South Korean government to buy more electric cars starting from 2015

To replace over one quarter of their existing vehicles with EVs

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News - Sri Lanka’s CodeGen International to reveal electric supercar in December

Company looks to develop in-house capability to develop supercar comparable to Tesla Roadster

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Editorial - Next-generation Chevrolet Voltec powertrain gets bigger engine as Michigan becomes GM's centre of excellence for vehicle electrification

GM has shared initial details of the next-generation Volt powertrain with the media, alongside CEO Mary Barra's confirmation that Michigan will see production of new electric drives and USD300 million in capital investment.

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