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The IHS Automotive Hybrid-EV portal is purposefully designed to provide in-depth, real-time information on all facets of the e-mobility market. The portal contains global and regional forecasts for vehicle production, systems, components, and infrastructure; a specification database outlining the key features of electric vehicles (and who supplies them); a legislation/incentive database; and daily news service.Subscribers Only

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News - AAA study shows stop-start technology offers 5-7% improvement in fuel economy

Automatic stop-start could save USD179 in fuel costs annually

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News - Japanese government to adopt FCVs as official cars

Mulling introduction of subsidy programme for FCV promotion

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News - Japanese University uses peroxide in EV battery for seven times energy density

Battery offers 2,570 Wh/kg density

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News - Mitsubishi retools Japanese plant to ramp up PHEV production

Work expected to be over by May 2015

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News - Tesla delivers right hand drive Model S EVs in Hong Kong; opens second UK store

Tesla Model S in China excludes working navigation system

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News - UK's Sussex university develops 'AMOCATIC' range extender engine concept

Enables greater travel distance between recharging

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News - US's Pennsylvania state extends EV rebate program until end-2014

Rebate of USD2,000 on first 500 PHEV or EV purchases

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News - BMW India launches 7-Series hybrid

Priced at USD224,952

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News - California Energy Commission approves around USD50 million for hydrogen refueling, EV charging projects

Move aligned to support 2025 target of having 1.5 million hydrogen, EVs in California

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News - French government approves scheme to install more EV charging bays

Slightly modifies original deal

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